Daunt’s Fire


The NYX Team has created a series of short stories that will consist of four to six books in total. The first story is a 17 page book about our hero/protagonist Daunter and his adventures into Tartarus.




Daunt’s Fire

“Daunt could feel his heart racing, it was all he could hear. He took a quiet, deep breath to compose himself. He had to be careful of his composure, after all, he wasn’t… normal. He walked carefully towards them, soundlessly picking his way through the trees. As he got closer, he glimpsed the fiery eyes that confirmed he was looking at some variety of shadow demons. It was game time. High alert. No option for failure.

The two creatures were scrambling on the forest floor on all fours. They were so intent on whatever they were searching for that they didn’t notice him. They were digging holes, examining stones and tossing them aside. It seemed apparent they were on a mission. They were so focused his approach went unnoticed.

 He was only ten feet away.

​Daunt folded back the sleeves of his long coat to make sure he was ready for them. His next step snapped a twig and suddenly there were four eyes upon him. Their burning eyes sparked off a token of sorts gripped in one of the demon’s long, clawed fingers. In the brief moment Daunt saw it, all he could decerne was that it appeared metallic, and it also seemed to glow. It could fit in the palm of your hand. Daunt was still looking at it when the second demon unleashed a bone-chilling shriek and leaped at him with frightening speed.”


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