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Community decides the crypto community can do better; enough is enough!

In recent years, the worldwide crypto community has found that there was a desperate need for a safe crypto token that the community could stand behind. Rug pulls, fake ICO, and unsavory utility tokens became so common that the people had begun to lose faith in the very foundations of crypto. Seeing and hearing this need, small pockets of community members began discussing how to better provide a crypto token for investing that could be protected against rug pull, unfair buying practices, and insider trading of crypto serving only to line the pockets of a few greedy people.

Having been fed up with the direction much of the crypto market was going, a decision had to be made, and Nyx Token was born in late 2021 with the following guidelines:

First, there will be a two-year liquidity lock to provide security against any possible rug pull. The Dev Team would provide that liquidity, but there will be no advantages or direct benefit for helping to provide that liquidity.

Secondly, there would be no pre-sale or special benefits to any community members; everyone will be on the same playing field from day one.

Third, Devs are treated as equals to all community members and had to buy their own tokens after public release.

Forth, and most importantly, all decisions will be weighed against the question of, ‘Is this decision acting in the best interest of the entire community?’ If the answer is not a resounding yes, that decision is tabled pending further research or will be opened up to the community for input.

Nyx Token is transparent and is built from the ground with the understanding of trust. Everything from the website to social media accounts, from the community discussions to the future development of the community, is open to the public. Anything anyone could want to know about the community is open, and if the answers aren’t readily available, the community can usually reach a Dev in the chats any day of the week.

Openness and understanding are essential factors as our community grows. The above information explains how this project was born out of a need from our community. Additional information will be provided as frequently as needed outlining how and what community members are working on.

–This message is written with the utmost respect for our community by members of our community and for the benefit of our community.–

*Additional information can be gleaned from our community, join Telegram, Discord or any of our various social media outlets and be part of our community.


Token Utility

Nyx Token is a unique and new variation of a ‘utility token.’ Like other utility tokens, Nyx Token is purchased on the block chain and serves as a representation of the individual holder’s personal valuation of the token upon their initial decision to exchange any other crypto medium for Nyx Tokens. By holding Nyx Tokens, community members have decided that the token has non-corporeal value.

Unlike most other tokens available in the crypto market, Nyx Token was fully founded by the Nyx community members without the option of presale or direct benefit to any of the developers. The initial liquidity was locked for two years ensuring token stability for the protection of holders.

Post launch, most communications take place in Telegram or Discord and each server is open to both community members and future community members. There is a growing team of educators who combat FUD when necessary and the community takes pride in working with newcomers of the crypto world. Together, the community takes care of their own.

Nyx Token provides a unique utility for token holders including, but not limited to, holder only resources that will be available throughout the growth and development of the token. An example utility is the exclusive access to a short story series, written around the goddess Nyx and two unsuspecting men in search of answers.

There will be more utilities as the project grows. One of which, (not yet released at the time of writing this) is the ability to claim dividends in Nyx Tokens by owning an NFT in our NYXG collection.

We have created 153 Moon NFTs in 4 different series.

There are 5 different moons in series 1, with a quantity of 11 each for a total of 55 moons.

Series 2 has 5 different moons with a quantity of 10 each, for a total of 50.

Series 3 has 3 different moons with a quantity of 13, totaling 39 and

Series 4, named “Nyx Destruction” has only 1 variation and 9 copies. This is the rarest.

These NFTs will have Nyx Tokens set aside for them weekly and the owner can connect their wallet through our website and claim them. Each different series is entitled to a different percent. More of that info will be updated in the tokenomics.  

These Dividends come from a pool that is held in a wallet named “Nyx Dividends” and the tokens were purchased by the deployment wallet from Uniswap fairly and set into the pool. Therefore, we are not adding more tokens to market.

Any and all are welcome in the Nyx Community, there is no holdings requirement. However, being an active Nyx Token holder grants access to holder-only resources and benefits. The threshold for membership will always be set at a token holding level which should be attainable by most, if not all the crypto community. As of 01.17.2022 the threshold was set at 10,000,000 tokens. As Nyx Token increases in value the threshold may be lowered accordingly.


Direct Reinvestment

Nyx Token holders are a community and as such, we take care of each other. Long term holding is substantially more beneficial to the community, but more specifically…

2% of each purchase/sale of Nyx Tokens is redistributed to holders, this is known as reflections.

This helps to encourage long-term holding of the token which assists with stability for all holders. The longer someone holds Nyx Tokens in their wallet, the more tokens they will earn. Reflections are electronically and automatically distributed to all token holders.

(Veteran, MS and Marketing wallets as well as the Dividend pool wallet, are excluded from reflections.)

While day trading is always going to occur, it is more important to have an established community that includes long-term holding. To help encourage long-term holding…

Nyx Token takes 2% of all purchase/sale of the token and redistributes that 2% of tokens back to active holders. This reflection is automatic and is redistributed based on the size of each wallet. This means the longer someone holds tokens the larger their token holdings become.

In addition to reflections, holders need to understand how the 1% burn benefits their long-term holdings. While the value of the token increases, simultaneously the circulation is decreasing. 

The Nyx community also supports not-for profit organizations that provide support to two different causes. With each Nyx Token purchase/sale, 2% goes to a wallet reserved for donations to MS Foundations, 2% go to a wallet for supportive services for Veterans, 1% of transactions are burned, and 1% go to a wallet where funds are utilized to support and grow the Nyx Token community through various marketing strategies. 


The most important part of the Nyx Token project is the community. Because community is important, there is an effort to translate information and resources into multiple languages. This effort is a big lift and will take some time.

Multi-layer global outreach is always difficult and the best mechanisms to reach the masses is an ever-moving target. What is popular today could change overnight. The Nyx Token community is steadily growing, and efforts are always being adjusted to grow said community. Over the coming months we will reach out to our community to work on these efforts.

WARNING – The information contained within this document does not constitute investment or financial advice, nor is it solicitation for anyone to purchase any crypto assets. This information is an excerpt of communications regarding the Nyx Token and the community behind the token.

Some statements contained within this document may be that of future expectations and are based on current state and discussion. With the evolution of the Nyx Token and backing community, performance or events may adjust accordingly. The only constant is that there will always be change.

Feel free to help spread the NYXT word!

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