Meet NYX




What’s up, everybody!? Tooky here…

About me, hmmmm well, I started this incredible project with a couple of close friends to make a difference and change lives for as many people as possible… especially those that need it most.
I will do my best to bring you the greatest NFT collection possible. My team and I have a few surprises up our sleeves for the near future of NYX!
I enjoy learning new things everyday and tackling this was a great way to broaden my horizons and to learn what it takes to create and manage a successful token like NYX. I encourage you to research this project, learn what it is we are going to accomplish and decide if it is something for you. When I do something, I give it my all. I will not allow failure to be an option. We welcome you with open arms, and I think you are all lovely!




Hey guys, I’m Spider!

Tooky and I have been great friends for years, from motorcycle rides, to parties, to investing in crypto we’ve been through it all! We support each other in all ways needed. We have had really good experiences with a few token projects and we have also found ourselves in some really really bad ones. We started talking about how, with my work ethic, positive personally, (not to mention, my completely wired energy level) along with Tooky’s professional business background and management skills (not to mention, his incessive need to research everything!), together we would make an amazing token. I am here for YOU! The holders and members of our insane, Europa landing project.



Social Media
Web Design

Hey everyone! I’m Kat!

I am a sphynx cat lover, with two of the most precious little naked creatures as part of my family. I enjoy music, graphic design and art (especially in the form of tattoos) and the sun is the one thing that can put a smile on my face in the darkest of days. I’m working alongside two of the coolest and hardest working guys out there. Our vibe here at NYX is to be forthcoming, honest and down to earth… we want you to know we’re real people just trying to make friends and make a difference. I am here to bring you the best marketing, website development and social media interaction the Dark Side can offer. I am extremely resourceful and my OCD attention to detail promises to always do my best to get you any and all information you need to fully grasp our project. Ask me about anything and I will get you the answers you need! When proposed with this project, I was ready to challenge myself to release my greatest work to date and will strive to continue to bring you the best within my abilities.

Feel free to help spread the NYXT word!

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